How to Sell

HOW TO SELL (Sale, rent, or lease)
1. Register on Waccomm Resource and log in into your account.

2. Make sure you have documents (title documents, allocation paper, Site plan and layouts, tenancy agreement, or rent card etc.) on your property. If you do not have any document, contact accredited Waccomm agent in your locality for assistance.

3. Take a photo or video of your property (Land, house, apartment, office, shop, Conference hall, event centre etc.). See a professional graphic designer to design an ad for you, or contact your accredited Waccomm agent for help on ads.

4. Log-in and post your ad to be seen and viewed by prospective buyers who visit Waccomm Resource.

5. Attach a moderate or competitive price to your property.

6. In posting your ad ensure that you provide accurate contact details (phone number and email) so that prospective buyers can contact you.

7. Subscribe (pay subscription) to Waccomm so that prospective buyers can contact you directly.

8. Accept to meet prospective buyers at public places and be willing to provide or show proof of ownership.